Your pooch will be a part of our family while you are away just as much as he/she is part of yours. We will dedicate quality time playing games with your pooch or we will just sit with him/her and give him/her lots of pats and cuddles. We do not charge extra for this as it is our pleasure and all pets deserve to be loved and spoilt equally not just those whose owners can afford to pay extra. It is important that your pooch is kept active and socialised whilst in boarding. Your pooch will have plenty of outdoor fun time with other pets and the pet care attendants as we believe in giving them lots of exercise to keep them stimulated. Or just to have the ability to lounge in a sunny spot and spend time in the happy environment around them. Rainy days, mornings and evenings we have an indoor play area where social activities can also be enjoyed.

See our Pooch Accommodation Package for details on our rooms and menu.

If your pooch has special needs - for example a medical condition - then medication can be given whilst in boarding. There is an extra charge for administration of medication/s and or food additives.

Please mention any medical or behaviour problems your pooch has on the guest registration form or when you drop him or her off so we can provide the best care.

All pooch guests must be fully vaccinated with a C5 vaccination before coming into boarding. If your dog is overdue for this then it needs to be done at least 14 days prior to boarding.

Please ensure your dog has been wormed and treated for fleas before boarding.

  • Luxury Accommodation - realistically priced
  • Own room, however, we do have some double rooms for pets from the same family to share
  • Large walk in spacious rooms
  • Fed premium food twice daily (wet & dry)
  • Royal Canin dry food is available however we do not charge to store and serve special diets supplied by customer
  • Daily treats - no additional charge
  • Playtime sessions and daily activities - no additional charge
  • Quiet time and cuddles from our pet care attendants - no additional charge