We understand leaving your pet isn't always easy and we try to make it easier for both of you so we suggest saying your goodbyes at home. We would like to settle your pet in as quickly as possible so they can start enjoying their holiday upon arrival.

Please let us know of any unusual characteristics or special requirements so we can make their stay as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

All fees are payable upon check-in so please be ready to make your payment.

Things to remember to bring when checking in:

  • Please have your Pooch on a lead or harness.
  • Please have your Puss contained in a carrier.
  • Current Vaccination certificate is required if not already on file - C5 for Pooch or F3 for Puss.
  • Pets must be flea treated and wormed before check-in. Please tell us the date of the most recent treatments. If they are due to be treated while in boarding you may wish to supply your own or we can organise it at a cost to you.
  • Details of medication (if required while in care) plus enough medication to last your pets stay.
  • If your pet is on a special diet please present it upon arrival clearly marked with your pets name.
  • If bringing your pets favourite bedding or toy please ensure they are clean and freshly washed.

Pooch on Leash or Harness Cat in a Carrier Current Vaccination Certificate Flea Treatment
Medications Diets Leash