Each and every puss will be treated as part of the Pooch N Puss family while they are here for their holiday as our aim is to love and care for them as you would. Even though the rooms are spacious and your puss has room enough to play your puss will enjoy the freedom to stroll around the large indoor play area when the office is closed. We have a very large gym for him/her to play on or he/she may choose to play with the many stimulating toys available. We also have a fully enclosed outdoor area if he/she wishes to laze around in the sun or likes to play and feel the grass under foot. Your puss can spend time with some of the other social felines or we can arrange play time alone. Our pet care attendants will also give them lots of pats and cuddles so they too feel spoilt and relaxed. We do not charge extra for playtime as we believe in every puss having a great stay at Pooch N Puss not just those who's family that can afford to pay extra.

See our Puss Accommodation Package for details on our rooms and menu.

If your puss has any special needs - for example a medical condition - then medication can be given whilst in boarding. There is an extra charge for administration of medication/s and or food additives.

Cats can become anxious when in boarding as they are creatures of habit and dislike being taken out of their normal environment. We sometimes find that cats will eat poorly for their first day in boarding but usually settle by the following day.

We try to minimise stress if they are experiencing any by:

  • Assessing if they need more attention (for example, Burmese cats will be much happier with some personalised attention) or less (some cats are stressed by strangers and need to have a minimum of handling)
  • Luxury Accommodation - realistically priced
  • Own room, however, we do have some double rooms for pets from the same family to share
  • Large walk in spacious rooms
  • Fed premium food twice daily (wet & dry)
  • Premium dry food is available however we do not charge to store and serve special diets supplied by our customers
  • Daily treats - no additional charge
  • Playtime sessions and daily activities - no additional charge
  • Access to our fully enclosed outdoor grass play area, either with other guests or alone - no additional charge
  • Access to our large play gym with other guests or alone - no additional charge
  • Quiet time and cuddles from our pet care attendants - no additional charge

All cats must be fully vaccinated with an F3 vaccination before coming into boarding. If your cat is overdue for this then it needs to be done at least 14 days before check-in.

Please ensure your cat has been wormed and treated for fleas before boarding.