At Pooch n Puss Play n Stay, your family member will enjoy an impeccably clean room so they can stretch out and lounge on their non-allergenic trampoline beds or in their igloo and unwind to the soothing music we play. Your Pooch will also have plenty of fresh air and out door playtime during their holiday. This can also be arranged for your Puss in our fully enclosed garden if you wish (either with other social felines or alone). All pets have their own room, however we do have some double rooms for pets from the same family.

Each pet will be provided two meals of premium wet and dry dog or cat food per day and treats are also supplied. They’ll also receive lots of cuddles, pats and pampering by our pet care attendants so that they thoroughly enjoy their holiday. Some of our customers have commented they feel their pets had a more relaxing and enjoyable holiday than they did!

Special Requirements

We can cater to your dog's or cat's specific feeding requirements, including hand feeding or serving customer-provided meals. However, we do require a small additional fee if they require any special medication to be administered. Please let us know at the time of booking and we will follow your precise instructions.

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We know that serious fun can be messy. That’s why we can indulge your loved one with some pampering. For an additional fee, our experienced groomers will treat your pet to an aromatherapy shampoo, condition & soft blow dry whilst being gentle on their eyes and ears so they’re looking and smelling their best for the most important part of the trip – the reunion!

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