Rosie enjoying her boarding experienceThis little girl is amazing. Rosie is 16yrs old and bright as a button. We take her out to roam around with the others then bring her in to spend time inside with the girls in the office. Half an hour and that's it she is at the back door and ready to go out again if we try to coax her to stay inside she cries to go out. She wants to be part of the team. She gets around a little more slowly than the others but she still follows them and wanders around with them while they play with the toys. If there's a pooch on a bed she will go and snuggle with it. Well done Rosie your a sprightly girl who knows what she wants.


Flynn settles in very nicely and is all for taking a look around. His brothers Oscar and Merlin have been to Pooch N Puss before but this is his first visit.