What Our Customers Say

Rachael, Clearance & Family


When I go away on holidays I am always on the search for someone to look after Clearance that is trustworthy and reliable. Clearance has stayed more than once at Pooch N Puss and often for long periods of time, Clearance enjoys the opportunity to interact with other cats that she often doesn't get at home. Clearance returns home looking like and behaving like she has also been on holidays. Pooch N Puss are, in my opinion, the most reasonably priced cattery on the central coast, and when I drop Clearance off and pick her up, it is clear that you genuinely care for the animals in your care and are dedicated to meeting each individual animals needs"

Kind Regards


Sarah and Milo

Pooch N Puss is a happy, friendly and caring environment for your pet where you can be very assured that they are well taken care of for you. My little cat is happy, relaxed and very well looked after and I would recommend Pooch N Puss to anyone.

Sarah and Milo J.

Karen and Molly

There are not enough words to express how happy I am with how well Molly has been accepted and treated throughout her regular day care stays.

Pooch 'N' Puss has provided a fantastic service that has given me peace of mind each day as I drop her off on my way to work. Molly is always eager to get out of the car when we arrive. At the end of the day when it's time to take Molly home I often walk in to see her having "cuddles'', looking so pampered and relaxed. Observing this has alleviated my own anxieties from having to leave a much loved companion with someone else.

They show a unique care and concern for Molly, as I am sure they do with all the pets that come to stay at their boarding kennel. I am so impressed by their approachable and professional attitudes. I have always found the facility clean and well presented. There is ample room both inside and outside for play and socialisation and quiet time.

I would highly recommend Pooch 'N' Puss to anyone considering a boarding kennel for their much loved pets, whether it's short or long stay care. It only takes a phone call to put your mind at ease.

Karen Sellars
Companion and owner of Molly, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

Jodie, Jess and Skooby

Our Pooch Skooby loves coming to see everyone at Pooch N Puss. He gets excited every time he comes for a groom or for boarding and is always still happy when we see him again.

Jodie and Jess D

Roy & Linda with Cindy & Daisy


Just a little thank you from Linda and Roy Forbes. We really appreciate the great care and attention you show our dogs when they board with you at Pooch 'N' Puss. When we moved to the Central Coast 4 years ago one of our main concerns was finding suitable boarding kennels for our dear Cindy and Daisy. We tried 3 other kennels but we knew by our dogs reactions they were not suitable or happy. But we can tell now that they feel at home at Pooch 'N' Puss. We feel stress free when we are away from our dogs. Thank you once again.


Our best regards

Linda and Roy Forbes.

(And Cindy and Daisy)


Jenny and Freddy

My Freddy is a tweeny Daschund so not full size and not a minny about 2yrs old and naturally he's extremely special to me. Before coming to Pooch n Puss we tried a variety of kennels and boarding facilities however it seemed that Freddy was never very happy or completely on edge when I picked him up. It almost seemed like he was being bullied during those stays and he was quite aggressive. We found Pooch n Puss and we now visit regularly with long term and day care stays, it's small, boutiquey, friendly and Freddy has lots of fun. Freddy has a diet supplement and I am reassured that this treatment continues during his stays. But really it's not about me it's about Freddy and I know he loves going there because he gets so excited and pulls me through the front door when we get there and when I take him home he settles very quickly.

Thank you Pooch n Puss

Jenny and Freddy